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Stefani B fell in love with gems when she was just a little girl, playing with her mother's jewelry. She put her love of all that glitters to work when she debuted her jewelry at Henri Bendel.

Her first collection featured a 12-foot long strand of baby pearls which can be worn in five wonderful ways, and today, it's still a best seller. Stefani's pieces have also been showcased at Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Marshall Field's among other fine boutiques around the country.

Stefani believes that jewelry should be worn with attitude and confidence. There are no rules when it comes to sporting your favorite pieces; beautiful things (especially if they sparkle!) should be enjoyed, not stashed in a drawer for special occasions. To that end, her creations are both dramatic and classic, intricate and understated, witty and extremely wearable...and each piece features only precious and semi-precious stones, only gold and silver findings. No faux stones or base metals are used. In her newest collection, relics,  she uses small antique vessels and pendants she’s collected during her visits to Europe and Asia, and embellishes them with gold, silver and gems, resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces that are exquisite and singular.

In addition to creating distinctive jewelry, Stefani expresses her love of design in a variety of other ways. She has contributed to Chicago's fashion industry for several years as an Associate Professor in the Fashion Marketing and Management Departments of several local colleges.

And, Stefani has co-authored two books, the award winning In An Influential Fashion: An Encyclopedia of 20th Century Designers and Retailers Who Transformed Dress and The Why of the Buy: Fashion and Consumer Behavior, released by Fairchild Books, formerly a division of Conde Nast (now Bloomsbury). The 2nd edition came out in 2015. She also owned and operated the ONE PLUS ONE boutiques, which featured the line of private label knitwear she created, as well as a carefully curated selection of innovative jewelry and accessories. 


Who is Stefani B ?

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